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Wow can you believe that Erin has been passed away for almost two years now!!!!!!!!!
I miss here so much some times I think I am going to die of missing her so much.
I know she is still with me but it is not the same as I want it to be.

Erin I Love You With All My Heart!

Erin I love you!Some day I am going to go up to Heaven and be with you and play with you

I love you Erin sunday november 29 2009

As you know Erin passed away on Sunday and it has been so hard for me i do not know what to do with out my sister and friend.I am so so happy that Erin is free and can go up to heaven and go play and not get all those bed sores that her body has. when they were taking Erin's body it was so hard for my mom she kept pulling Erin back . My mom said to the people that 'please do not put the sheet over her face until i am not looking' it was so hard and now you do not need to pray for Erin but please pray for the Galbraith family thankyou so much

September 6

Erin i love you so much .I feel it is a pleasure being your sister . I love you Erin so much and God is always with you and he will do whats best for you and every body


Erin has a big rash on her armpit. We think it is a heat rash . Erin is at home and the nurse came to my house and put something that burned her arm and gave her a heat rash.

Again with Erin by Kate

Today Erin started feeling yucky. She is getting tummy aches. She can't do anything without getting headaches. It is sad that when she stands up to do stuff that she gets a tummy ache or a headache. My mom said that Erin went to school and was fine. That is true but today she has not been feeling good. I will tell you what we do.
Thanks bye

Kate's Thoughts

I am Erin's sister. She is the best sister I could ever have.When Erin goes to the hospital it is always hard for the Galbraith family. This last Brain Tumor we always knew something was wrong and we found out that Erin's Tumor grew back and we would have to take her back into the hospital and that put me in tears but she made it through and she came home and went back into the hospital so they could put a drain in and she came home and guess what?

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