Erin has a big rash on her armpit. We think it is a heat rash . Erin is at home and the nurse came to my house and put something that burned her arm and gave her a heat rash.

Sept 5, 2009 - Labor Day Weekend

Well...not sure what to say. Erin has been in a lot of pain over the last few days. We have increased her pain medication. She has been sleeping a lot. Her condition has progressed. She can no longer walk, sit up, roll over, write or color, feed herself...etc. You get the idea. She wants to go to school so bad, but just doesn't feel up to it. My heart aches for her.

August 27, 2009

I guess it is time for an update. I have avoided this for long enough.

Erin is a fighter. She has fought long and hard for close to 4 years. Almost half of her life. She is my hero and I admire her courage. I wish I could be more like her.

As of late, Erin can't walk at all. She can't sit up, roll over move her legs, hold a pencil to write, etc. Her physical abilities are declining.

Erin's Dance and Quilt

Hi Erin, I thought you might like to see these cute pictures. I miss you and I miss our 2nd grade class. I hope you can come swimming next week. Do you want to have some fun exploring maps? Check out my webpage at http:/ I've been in school this summer and it has been really hard but also a lot of fun!


Erin had a MRI yesterday. The results were not good. Her tumor has grown a lot. It is very large and now is on both sides of her brain. Surgery is not an option according to Dr. Walker. He said if Erin were his daughter he would quit treating her and let it take its course.

So Sad!!!!! :(
Will keep you posted

Dance Festival at School

Erin's school had their final dance program for the year last week. Erin's class participated in a Hawaiian dance. She looked really cute with her paper lavalava skirt. As I watched Erin she did a wonderful job, she hit her cues right on and she had that big Erin grin on her face, so I knew Erin was having a great time.
I was sitting on the grass hill watching Erin's performance and I got a little emotional because of everything Erin has been through here she was out in the sun dancing her heart out, being so full of life.

The finish line

May 16th I rode my bike in the Salt Lake Century. I had a ball doing the ride, on my return back I was getting tired. My legs were feeling the almost 70 miles of sprinting, hill climbing and the wind. As I came around the last turn before the finish line, I looked down the road and saw three images in the distance, a few seconds later I saw a young boy that looked like my son, but I thought to myself, there is no possible way those where my kids, but then I recognized my kids Ted Kate and Erin. They were holding up banners that said "You Did It Dad", "Good Job".

Pink converse shoes

Erin recently acquired a new pair of hot pink Airwalk aka converse shoes that I just love seeing her in, Erin looks really good in hot pink and they look so good on her when she has them on. Erin has a pink t-shirt that says "Daddys Big Girl". Yesterday Erin was wearing both the hot pink shoes and the pink shirt when I came to pick up the kids and I about melted on the spot. I have the moment burned into my memory and will be one of my greatest recollections in my life.
Erin is growing very fast, is becoming quite a tall and pretty girl.

Love you.


Finally an Update!

It has been some time since I have posted a blog. To tell you the truth I have been so exhausted. I can finally admit it. The emotional stress that goes with a challenge like we have faced just caught up with me and I just didn't get it done.

Swimming with Dad

Took Erin and Kate swimming the other night, and Erin is a little fish and just loves the water. Erin Was jumping off the diving board and even with her ability can swim over to the side of the pool and get out.
We had tons of fun and I enjoyed seeing the smiles on Erin's and Kate's faces.

Can't wait until the next time we go swimming.

Love you,

Your Dad

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