Erin's recent surgery

How is Erin doing after her recent surgery? She has been in our thoughts and prayers.

Your $10 may help save Erin's life

Remember when Nancy wrote us in December explaining she was flying Erin to Mexico for a necessary treatment trip? Well, due to insufficient funds, it was seriously postponed! If each of us -- and any friends you may want to include -- join us RIGHT NOW in making a $10, $25 or $40 donation, we can raise the $2500 in time and Erin can still make her angel flight next Wednesday, January 23rd.

Our donations go to the Erin Hope Foundation, a 501(c)3 and are tax deductible.


Hi Erin,

it's keanna from your old ward i don't know if you remember me but i remember you! how are you doing? and what did you do for christmas?


Details of the MRI on October 1, 2007

It has been almost 2 years since we started this journey with Erin. We went from being told that there was no hope no matter what we did she would die, to where we are now. The past 2 years has been like a roller coaster. Up and down. For the most part we have been on the up side lately. She really is a miracle and an amazing little person.

We decided that since the two year mark was coming up to do another MRI just so we would know where she was at. So on October 1, 2007 we took her in for another MRI. I fully expected to hear the words that she was clean and there was no regrowth of of the tumor. But such was not the case. After the MRI we were shown the scans and saw that yes the tumor had started to grow. It is very small. I believe it could have been so much worse but she after all is the miracle child.

How is Erin doing? :-)

Erin is an amazing little girl. I admire how she does what needs to be done with very little resistance. There are times when she just refuses....I have decided this is one way she can still feel she is in control of herself. I let her get it out of her system and then try again. I can only imagine how she must feel and how at times she gets discouraged. It must be somewhat challenging for her. I get so much courage and hope from her because she is filled with courage and hope.

As for her health...on our last trip to Mexico to get her blood work and her supplies Dr Calzada was so pleased with her progress. He said it was the best it has been...her blood work came back clean. It is so amazing. I am filled with so much gratitude to Dr. Calzada and his team for all they have done and continue to do for Little Miss Erin. His work is amazing and we were blessed to find him.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Our trip home was really quite a lot of fun. Mike Radomsky our pilot made the trip on his 4 seater plane very comfortable. I have to admit that I was nervous this was by far the smallest plane I had ever been on. It felt like a glider floating through the sky. The view was great because we were not up that high.

Mike flew us from San Diego to Las Vegas. The weather had turned bad and so he couldn't take us all the way to Salt Lake. He gave us a ride to Las Vegas International and we got on a Southwest flight home to Salt Lake. The plane was bigger, but I have to admit that the service on Mike's plane was s much better.

Friday May 4, 2007 - Day 3 of our trip

Well today would have been our second trip to the doctor but because Dr. Calzada worked so fast and got us finished yesterday we had some time. As I lay in bed this morning, I wondered what I could do to entertain Erin all day long. Usually she has Kate and Ted and they do a great job. But today it was all me, as it had been since Wednesday. After thinking about it I decided to take Erin to the San Diego Zoo. I told Erin and boy was she ever excited.

We stopped at subway Sandwiches and got some lunch and headed for the zoo. It was truly fun day. If you look in the image galleries you will see pictures of us at the zoo. Don't get us confused with the lion, bear, or other animals. Erin said her favorite part was the bus ride and the panda bears.

Thursday May 3, 2007 - Time to go to the Doctor in Mexico

Well there Erin and I were in San Diego all by ourself. We had just checked into our hotel...the lady at the front desk said we would not be able to ride the shuttle to Dr. Calzada's office like we usually do because they were in the process of getting a permit from the Mexican government. Until they got it they could give us a ride to the border. We would have to walk across the border and then take a taxi to the Doctor's office. Well I have to admit that I was a little nervous about taking a taxi in Tuijana. Just Erin and I. I wondered what I should do.

We decided to go and see what would happen. Well there were angels again there to help us. We got on the shuttle and I asked who else was going to Dr. Calzada's. I found 4 other adults that were going. I asksed if I could walk across the border with them and also catch a taxi with them. It worked out great. We rode over and back together and it went slick. There was one man who sticks out in my mind. His name is James. He had a scooter and let Erin ride on his lap both times we crossed the border. We got a kick out of that. James waited over 2 hours for us to get finished with the doctor so he could travel with us and Erin could ride on his scooter. Thank You James!! Yes, Angels were there again to take care of us.

Wednesday May 2, Time for Take OFF :)

Today we started the first leg of our journey. We met our first pilot Joe Davies, his wife Doris and her business partner Lili at 2:30 pm at Salt Lake Airport 2.

At first I was nervous about the size of the plane. It was smaller than the commercial planes we were accustomed to flying on...but let me tell you the service tops all.

We flew out on a Cessna 425 plane with a turbo twin prop engine. It was an eight seater. The cabin was pressurized. The first part of the flight was choppy because of the warm air pockets created by the mountains. Once we got above the warm air into colder air it was smooth sailing into San Diego. WHEW! Erin said it reminded her of Space Mountain. I really laughed.

Angel Flight

There is an organization called Angel Flight. There mission is to arrange free air transportation on private aircraft in response to health care and other compelling human needs.

Angel Flight West links volunteer private pilots with needy people whose non-emergency health care problems require travel to and from medical facilities throughout the thirteen western states. Angel flight West pilots donate the cost of all flights. There is never a charge for an Angel flight mission.

My Mom called me recently and told me about Angel Flight. I debated for a few weeks whether I should contact them or not. I finally did and am I ever glad I did. We were approved after Erin's Doctor submitted paperwork about Erin and her condition.

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