We Start Another Year

There are times you stand back and look at your life. These last few months have been like that for me. On October 22, 2005 Erin was in the hospital heading for surgery to remove a large tumor. Now she is running all over the place as wild and crazy as any 5 year old can be.

We were in the hospital during halloween. I was with Erin and it was a very difficult time. As I took her around the hospital in her wheelchair, I was glad to be moving around but longing to be somewhere else. This past halloween was so different. I was able to go to the school parade and see all 3 of my children participate in the parade. When Erin walked into the gym where the parade was I was overcome with emotion. I started to cry. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. The lady standing next to me looked at me. I smiled, thinking of all the reasons I had to cry. What a journey we had been through and to see our little angel who according to the doctors would not live, was very much alive and as healthy as ever. What a miracle she has been.

More Good News!

On Friday we took Erin to Primary Childrens Medical Center for a follow up MRI. I wondered if I really wanted to know what the MRI would show. It has been almost a year since we learned about Erin's health challenge and the surgery that removed the tumor. We have worked so hard over the last year and it has been an emotional time for our whole family. I felt all would be okay with whatever we learned so we went ahead with the MRI.

It is amazing. According to the MRI, there has been no regrowth of the tumor. The doctors at PCMC are not sure what to think. To me the answer is simple. We have witnessed a miracle! God is alive. He is aware of Erin and our family and has healed this little angel.

Still Doing Great!

Today we are leaving for another visit to Erin's doctor in Mexico. Things have been going great. So far her health has been improving in large amounts.

Over the last few months we have just been having fun. We had some free passes and were able to take the family to Lagoon and Cherry Hill. We went boating with my Sister. We were able to go to the Ogden outdoor amphatheatre to a concert and a movie. We have been making sure Erin has been laughing a lot.

I have come to learn how important sunshine, joy and laughter is for healing physically and healing the soul. It was good for all of us. I am amazed how much joy we can experience each day if we will just let it happen.

Thank You Emily!!

Every so often an angel comes into your life. We have had the experience of having just this kind of experience. Emily Christiansen has been our angel.

Emily wanted to participate in the Little Miss Lindon pageant. In order to participate each contestant needed to do a service project. Emily picked Erin. Emily sold prints of a picture painted by Lynn Farrar, a local artist.

She worked hard contacting friends, neighbors and businesses for over two weeks. Emily was truly an angel and she raised over $2600. we were able to order a brace for Erin's right leg. She had been in need of this brace for over 6 months. Also, we were able to take Erin to the doctor for another round of treatments.

We Have Hit the Six Month Mark!

We have hit the six month mark and Erin is still alive and strong. It did not come without some challenges. Especially the last week. Erin started with a very bad headache on Friday, April 14th which lasted for 8 days. Finally yesterday there was some releif. I took her to the doctor and got her blood work done. I took her to the Chiropractor. I took her to a friend of mine who restores the body using the feet. It was the longest week ever. Along with the headaches her bowels were backed up and each time she would eat solids they would come back up. Liquids would stay down. The doctor said she was not dehydrated and that all the levels on her blood looked great. That was good news. Now we had to go to work on the bowels. We added more water, apples, apple juice, aloe vera juice, etc. When none of this worked the next step was prunes or a garlic enema. Well I knew Erin would not eat prunes. We did the enema. With in an hour it was working. Amazing!! The headaches let up and we are getting this all figured out.

More Exciting News!!

The most exciting thing happened today. Steven has a relative on his side of the family who called us today. He is a reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune. He had been reading Erin's web-site and was touched. He said they were looking for a good human interest story and were wondering if we would mind if they ran a story on Erin. He said she is so cute and her story just appeals to you. Well of course I said yes. They will put together some information and then contact us this week to come and take some pictures. I will keep you updated so you are sure to read the article.

All our Love and Thanks. Erin is doing so good and we are so grateful.

Erin's Miracle!!

Yesterday we received the best news we have heard since we started this journey with Erin. I tried to talk with Dr. Calzada unsucessfully last week. I finally talked with him last night. All the lab work was back in regards to the tumor. THERE HAS BEEN NO GROWTH OF THE TUMOR AT ALL!! It is not growing. The Doctors removed everything they could see on the MRI at PCMC back in October. Since then no growth has occured. It is a miracle!!

Words can not begin to explain the joy as a mother I feel. What we are doing is working. God is truly blessing this little Angel. I believe she has a purpose on this earth and is meant to be here.

Lastest updates February 26, 2006

We recently returned from our second visit to Dr. Calzada who is Erin's Doctor. We think the world of him. We went this time to have Erin's blood work done and to get more treatments. The results were very positive.

Erin's red blood cells, white blood cells, triglycerids, everything that is off with cancer patients, were normal! This is a huge improvement from our last visit. Erin's energy is high, her color looks good and she is doing great. Overall she looks very healthy. Dr. Calzada said, "Erin's body is healing, her blood work is normal. I feel she will heal. Ultimately it is in God's hands, but I think it must be God's will that she heal."

February 7, 2006 Update

Well it has been 3 months since Erin came home from the hospital. I am so pleased with the progress she is making. Last week we took her to the Doctor. He was impressed and amazed that her weight was up. Usually by now most people with this type of tumor would be going downhill fast. Not Erin! She is strong.

She has returned to preschool and loves it. When she is not at school her friends miss her and ask about her. Where ever she goes she touches the hearts of those around her.

The latest example of this was our recent purchase of a new car for the family. Dave Folkman at Low Book Sales in Lindon was so impressed with Erin and touched by her situation that he wanted to install a DVD player for free in our car and pay for it himself. WOW!! His boss Dave Nielson wouldn't let him but agreed to have Low Book Sales of Lindon pay for it. Now when we make our trips to California to see Erin's specialist we will not be bored.

December 31

Just wanted give an quick update on Erin. Erin's headaches have gone away. Erin, her sister and brother had a wonderful Christmas due to all of you that gave so much to our family over the holiday.
As of today Erin is feeling and doing terrific, I have even noticed that she is walking better and she is even riding her bicycle again.
We are so thankful that she is doing so well and hopeing and praying that it stays that way.

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