It's Official

I am very excited to let each of you know that The Wishing Wizard from the Make-A-Wish Foundation called us and Erin's wish has been granted!! YEAH!!! Erin's wish was to have a princess party at Disney. After all Erin has suffered she deserves to be able to forget about her challenge and have a week full of fun!!

The Wishing Wizard was holding in her hands our airline tickets. We will fly out of Salt Lake City to Orlando, Florida on Friday January 13, 2006 at 8:25 a.m. where we will spend 7 days at the Disney World Resort. They were even able to reserve the "Give Kids The World Suite" for us. This is the icing on the cake. Erin will be treated like the Princess she is.

Update on Erin - December 16, 2005

Erin had a pretty good day. She has been saying her head hurts when she wakes up the last few days. This concerns us because of the possibility of pressure building in the brain from the surgery. We took her and had some work done. This got the spinal fluid moving which was what was causing the pain. She was a little tired so today was a slower day. Overall recovery is coming along.

Thanks to everyone for your love, prayers and support!

Love, The Galbraith Family :>)

and remember to hope 4 erin in 2006

Christmas Cards of Hope for Erin

Hello Everyone!
First we wanted to thank you all very much for your love and support. You are making this journey with Erin so much better.

Also, we wanted to let you know where you can send Christmas cards for Erin:

Erin Hope Galbraith
162 E 1200 N
Orem, UT 84057

Thank You again for your love and support:-)
Nancy Galbraith

First Post

Here it is, my first blog post to Hope 4 Erin. I have set up this site for Nancy to add whatever she would like to have the world see. I will help out where I can as this site evolves. So if you think there should be some content that would be worthwhile for the world to see, send Nancy a note. If you're having technical difficulties, I'm the one to speak with.

In general, feel free to browse, to comment, and most off all, enjoy!

John ;-)

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