Thursday, May 1, 2008...Day after surgery

Erin started the day with a follow up MRI. The MRI was going to last 45 minutes and they wanted to do it without sedation. I said NO!!! Before we left for the MRI, Erin told me she was scared to go into the tube again. She said, "I don't want to do a MRI. No more MRI's I am scared Mom, please don't put me in the tube again." I promised her she would be asleep, it would be okay. I insisted they sedate her. They finally agreed. When she woke up after the MRI, she looked at me and said, "Please don't put me in the tube Mommy." I told her it was over and she had slept through the whole thing. I could see relief on her face.

Now, we wait for the results of the MRI. In the afternoon Dr. Kestle came in. He showed us the MRI, it looked great. He said they were pleased with the surgery and after seeing the MRI they realized they did a better job than they thought they did. He felt positive about the results of the surgery. They got everything out they could. They couldn't guarantee they got it all. Only time will tell. Now we will wait for the pathology report.

Erin has been a little down today. She keeps telling me she wants to go home. I can't blame her.

At 5:30 pm they finally moved us out of ICU to the Neuroscience Trauma Unit (NTU). The room was so quiet. We were both very happy for the new room. Erin still has some pain. We gave her some medicine and the pain went away. This is a good sign that the pressure that was in her head was taken care of by the surgery. Now we just have to watch the EVD drain as they raise the pressure and see how Erin does. This will determine the next step.

Today they moved the pressure on the drain from 10 to 15. This means her body needs to absorb more of the fluid and drain less into the EVD. Within 30 minutes she had an intense headache. I told the nurse the pressure was too much. They moved it back to 10 and called the neurosurgeon. Dr. Kestle said to move the drain 2 notches every twelve hours starting at noon and continue to do that for the next few days.

The rest of the day was filled with watching movies, playing games, visiting with Grandma, eating, etc. We had to watch very close what Erin was eating and drinking. If she didn't take in enough fluids on her own then they would hook up her IV again. Yuck. It is hard to get a 7 year old girl to drink when she doesn't want to. We just kept trying.

She managed the additional pressure of the drain at 12. I stayed up until after midnight when they would move the drain up to 14. I wanted to see how she would handle the additional pressure. Also they needed to give her medicine at midnight and then of course she needed to go to the bathroom. At 1:00 am we settled down for at least a couple hours of sleep.


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