Saturday, March 14, 2009 - Day after Surgery

Wow! Yesterday was a long day.

We tried to get some sleep, but any one who has spent time in ICU and especially the PICU at PCMC knows that it was not intended for sleep.

Erin started to recover quite fast. I was glad to see how fast the swelling from surgery came down. She really started to look more like herself. Dr Bragg (a resident Neurosurgeon) came in to see Erin and was amazed at her recovery. At first we were worried that Erin would lose the use of both legs temporarily. But she didn't! Her left leg was still strong. The right leg was a little weaker. Over time it will come back.

Erin was hungry and wanted to eat. Last night we talked them into letting her eat some pudding and a popsicle. She kept that down, so I gave her some water. She said, "that feels so good Mom!" I bet it did.

She ate a some cereal and juice for breakfast.

At 9:30 they took Erin for an MRI. This she did not want to do. I helped her understand it was important to get these pictures. She finally settled down. Toward the end of the MRI she fell asleep. Amazing, going from being so upset she didn't even want to get on the table to falling asleep. She is an inspiration to me.

We were told that after Dr. Walker (the surgeon who operated on her) came and checked her over if he okayed it we would move from PICU. That is a happy day when you get to move from PICU to "the floor" as they call it at PCMC. When Dr. Walker came he looked over her MRI. He told me again that this would require more than surgery. He told me we should consider meeting with the oncology team. I told him I was open to it. He showed me the pictures of her MRI. He was pleased with the results but he wanted to monitor her a little longer so she would need to stay in PICU another day. That was a bummer to hear. So we prepared for a long day. Around 1:00 the doctor came in and said they had a bed on the floor for us and Dr. Walker had okayed for Erin to move to the floor. YEAH!! They moved us at 2:30 pm. That was as nice surprise.

Erin was able to enjoy some visitors, her 2nd grade teacher Kristine Bennett, Grandma Coleman, her cousins Amy and Nicole and Amy's daughter Mylie. Then a little later Dad, Ted and Kate came to visit. It was a good distraction for Erin. After the visitors left we settled down for the night at 9:00. We were watching a movie, but we both fell asleep. In keeping with hospital tradition, they came in every 2 hours to give her medicine and take her vitals. It was better and much more quiet than PICU.


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