Sunday, March 15, 2009 - Just a fun day!

Today, Erin felt great. She is recovering so very fast. I believe God has a hand in her recovery.

The surgeons came for rounds and they were so pleased. They told us since she was doing so good that if she had a bowel movement today, we could go home tomorrow. I didn't think I heard them right. I said, "are you serious, tomorrow?" They said, there is no reason to keep her here, her recovery is amazing.

Erin ate a healthy breakfast, pancakes and hash browns. After breakfast she was able to take a bath. She said that felt so good. A bath after all she has been through. After her bath we decided to tackle her hair, which at this point looked like a tornado hit it. We got some special shampoo that doesn't need to be rinsed and hair detangler. She looked great when we were done.

The nurse Kylie was so good to Erin. After her bath since they were no longer using her IV's she took them out.

Erin decided she wanted to go to church with me. Church was at 10:30 on the third floor. It is come as you are and lasted for 30 minutes. She walked with me all the way and wanted to take the stairs. So we did. The service was so nice. It lifted my spirits and I could tell Erin felt it too because she sang every song, and when she didn't know the words she would hum. It was so cute.

After church we just walked around. Then we went to the activity center and played for a while. I could tell she was feeling so much better.

We went back to her room for lunch. After lunch the visitors started coming. First Aunt Patricia and Cousin Bella. Then Grandma Galbraith, Uncle Brett and Aunt Franki. It was so nice to visit with them. Erin colored, made dolls and played with stickers with Bella. Then Miss Harper from school came with her daughters, then Sister Talbert from our ward.

The final word before going to bed is that tomorrow we will be going home.


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