Tuesday, March 24, 2009 - Discharge Day

Today Erin was given the okay to go home. YEAH!! I was so happy and so was she. The last week has had its emotional ups and downs. We thought we would get to come home on Monday, but the doctors wanted to observe her for another 24 hours.

We had watched all the movies we brought. The video machine in our room wasn't working. We had colored, played games, done crafts, painted, etc. You get the idea. By this time we were running out of ideas...so in desperation I called Patricia, Erin's aunt. She lives and works very close to PCMC. I asked her if she would go rent us a movie and she did. That was a life saver. The nurse even made us popcorn to go along with the movie.

The swelling and fluid build up in Erin's head is down. She is feeling so much better. We will go back on the 31st for another CT scan to make sure her body is absorbing the spinal fluid and that the pressure is not building. I will keep you posted.

Thanks to all our friends and family who visited us, contacted us, sent letters and cards, prayed for us and sent us love. It has made a big difference. A big thanks to Kristine Bennett, Erin's 2nd grade teacher who made a special trip to the hospital to give us a ride home today. Otherwise who knows we might still be there. You are all amazing and I love you.

Love Nancy


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