Erin, family and Karl Malone at Lagoon

Erin, family and Karl Malone at Lagoon

Wow! We were standing at Lagoon having just walked in and over our shoulder Karl Malone was walking in with his family. He saw Erin sitting there in her wheelchair and without a moments hesitation he came over and started to talk with her. It was so endearing to my heart. I never thought someone like him would be interested in that. It was awesome.

We asked if we could take a picture and he said yes. I gave Ted a little push in the right direction and he didn't like that and snapped at me. Karl looked at him and said, "don't ever talk to your mother that way. Do you know why? Because she is the only one you have. I have lost my mom and dad. So never talk to your mom that way." Wow! Ted was chastised by Karl Malone. That is why in the picture Ted doesn't look very happy. But it sure made for a great memory.

We took the picture, thanked him and off he went. What an amazing experience.


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