Sept 5, 2009 - Labor Day Weekend

Well...not sure what to say. Erin has been in a lot of pain over the last few days. We have increased her pain medication. She has been sleeping a lot. Her condition has progressed. She can no longer walk, sit up, roll over, write or color, feed herself...etc. You get the idea. She wants to go to school so bad, but just doesn't feel up to it. My heart aches for her.

On Tuesday she went to school for a short time. Her class went on a field trip to BYU to meet their BYU buddies. Pen pals they will write letters to throughout the school year. She wanted to go so we met her class at BYU. She met Aubrey her BYU buddie. She was glad to go and wanted to stay longer but started to feel tired and wanted to go home. Each day she wants to go to school and then decides she is tired and wants to try to go tomorrow.

Erin has had friends from school and church come visit her. It has cheered her up. She loves it when her teacher from 2nd grade Mrs. Bennett comes and brings the class bird Tibby. She also loves when Mrs Wardrop comes and gets her caught up on what is going on in 3rd grade and fills her in on the latest science thing they are doing. Erin told me she is afraid she is going to be dumb since she can't go to school. I told her we will do whatever needs to be done to get her caught up when she feels better. I still HOPE that happens (her getting better), but being realistic, I'm afraid it will not. If I could have one wish, well we all know what that would be, but I think God must have a different plan for her. I have been told it is a better plan and I am trying to have faith and believe. I just know that I will miss her, as will all of you.

Love and Hugs,


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