Thursday May 3, 2007 - Time to go to the Doctor in Mexico

Well there Erin and I were in San Diego all by ourself. We had just checked into our hotel...the lady at the front desk said we would not be able to ride the shuttle to Dr. Calzada's office like we usually do because they were in the process of getting a permit from the Mexican government. Until they got it they could give us a ride to the border. We would have to walk across the border and then take a taxi to the Doctor's office. Well I have to admit that I was a little nervous about taking a taxi in Tuijana. Just Erin and I. I wondered what I should do.

We decided to go and see what would happen. Well there were angels again there to help us. We got on the shuttle and I asked who else was going to Dr. Calzada's. I found 4 other adults that were going. I asksed if I could walk across the border with them and also catch a taxi with them. It worked out great. We rode over and back together and it went slick. There was one man who sticks out in my mind. His name is James. He had a scooter and let Erin ride on his lap both times we crossed the border. We got a kick out of that. James waited over 2 hours for us to get finished with the doctor so he could travel with us and Erin could ride on his scooter. Thank You James!! Yes, Angels were there again to take care of us.

Usually when we go see the doctor we need to go two times. Dr. Calzada because of the increased challenge with getting across the border said he would expedite the blood work and we could get it all done in one day and he did. IT was greeat!! I was so glad because we didn't need to cross the border a second time and the people we hooked up with were done today and would not be going back either.

THANKS AGAIN!!! To all those sent to help us in our journey. We are so grateful!
Nancy and Erin