Saturday, May 5, 2007

Our trip home was really quite a lot of fun. Mike Radomsky our pilot made the trip on his 4 seater plane very comfortable. I have to admit that I was nervous this was by far the smallest plane I had ever been on. It felt like a glider floating through the sky. The view was great because we were not up that high.

Mike flew us from San Diego to Las Vegas. The weather had turned bad and so he couldn't take us all the way to Salt Lake. He gave us a ride to Las Vegas International and we got on a Southwest flight home to Salt Lake. The plane was bigger, but I have to admit that the service on Mike's plane was s much better.

When we arrived in Salt Lake a kind gentleman gave us a ride to our car at Airport 2 in Salt Lake where our car was. Through out this trip we were looked out for over and over. I am forever grateful for Angel Flight and our two pilots Joe Davies and Mike Radomsky.

Erin had so much fun and she thought she was pretty cool! Thanks!!!!