Details of the MRI on October 1, 2007

It has been almost 2 years since we started this journey with Erin. We went from being told that there was no hope no matter what we did she would die, to where we are now. The past 2 years has been like a roller coaster. Up and down. For the most part we have been on the up side lately. She really is a miracle and an amazing little person.

We decided that since the two year mark was coming up to do another MRI just so we would know where she was at. So on October 1, 2007 we took her in for another MRI. I fully expected to hear the words that she was clean and there was no regrowth of of the tumor. But such was not the case. After the MRI we were shown the scans and saw that yes the tumor had started to grow. It is very small. I believe it could have been so much worse but she after all is the miracle child.

We went today to meet with Dr. Marion Walker, top pediatric neurosurgeon in the United States. He said it is something we should not ignore. So we scheduled an exam for Erin with Dr. Walker and another MRI on November 6, 2007. He said we need to watch the tumor and see what it is doing.

We feel it is important to get her back to see Dr. Calzada and add other remedies that will help with the shrinking of the tumor along with what Dr. Walker can do for us. I left Dr. Walker's office feeling full of hope for Erin and her future. He told us that if surgery is required he felt they would be able to get it all and she would be doing great again.

Thanks for everything. We will keep you posted. Please remember Erin in your prayers.
All our LOVE, The Galbraith Family