Monday, April 28, 2008

On Wednesday April 23rd Erin fell at the park and hit her head very hard. Since then she has been suffering from very intense headaches. They have been so bad that even medication doesn't relieve it. After a few days of that I began to be very concerned. I took Erin to the doctor today and while sitting in his office she passed out. The doctor was so concerned he ordered an ambulance and sent us to PCMC. I called Steven and my mom to let them know. What was going through my mind as I got in the ambulance was, “How can we be going through this?” I just didn't feel I had the strength to handle another challenge with Erin like this. Well Steven, my sisters Jill and Kim and my brother Casey met me at the hospital. I was so glad to have such an amazing family. It helped if for no other reason than to give me someone to talk to. Steven actually got there before we did. He drove from Provo. I think he may have drove faster than the ambulance.

When we got to PCMC they asked me every question possible, and them some, to understand what was going on with Erin. It was determined that a CT scan would be needed to determine what was going on. Erin was screaming her head hurt so bad. There were a couple of times I had to go out and walk around because I wanted to scream also. I felt so helpless. I wished it could have been me instead of her. But this just wasn't how it was.

The CT showed that Erin had a large amount of fluid on her brain. The fluid was causing the intense pressure which was causing the pain. The team of doctors felt it was due to two tumors that were there. My question was if it was just the tumors then WHY did her headaches start after falling? Of course they had no answer other than it was just a coincidence. My gut was telling me it was not! Yes, there were two tumors, but I my intuition was telling me that the fall caused the swelling and inflammation around the tumors. This caused the spinal fluid to become blocked and not flow and absorb like it should. They suggested surgery and said we needed an MRI.

Erin was admitted into the ICU. Now we needed to decide what to do. At 8 pm Erin was taken for the MRI. This MRI the used anesthesia. An anesthesiologist was called in. They said her heart rate was to low to use sedation and the MRI would last about 45 minutes. The anesthesiologist would be there the whole time to monitor her. Here we were 2 ½ years later back at PCMC doing MRI's and looking at surgery. I felt so scared and overwhelmed. Ted and Kate were with friends and I was concerned about how they were.

Steven stayed at the hospital until about 9pm because we were waiting for the Neurosurgeon to discuss our options. They felt we needed to resect the tumors as soon as possible. Erin's surgeon Dr. Walker was out for the week. So on top of everything else we had to decide whether to use another surgeon or wait until Friday for Dr Walker to return.

After Steven left the hospital that night I felt so alone. Erin's heart rate started to drop. It got so low that the ICU nurse called the head doctor from ICU to look at her. They called the neurosurgeon. It was determined that they would have to do a spinal tap to relieve some of the pressure or Erin could go into a coma. They asked me to leave her room. I just wandered around the hospital. I called my friend Angie Martinez and asked her to come and sit with me. When she got there I was so glad to see her. I just didn't want to be alone. Thank You Angie!!

I went back to Erin's room after they finished the spinal tap. They removed 100cc of fluid off of her brain. Her pulse was a lot more normal and she settled down and went to sleep. I sat in a chair by her bed and held her hand for the rest of the night.