Erin had a MRI yesterday Dec 30, 2008

Erin had a MRI yesterday. She had been acting a little different, had been having headaches and a few other symptoms. I felt like I needed to take her to PCMC.

The news was not as good as I had hoped for. Her tumor is back. Dr. Walker was in surgery and they asked us to stick around until he was done so that we could talk to him. We waited about and hour. While waiting we went to the cafeteria to get some lunch. Erin was content to eat and just hang out with her grandma and me.

She was really brave. She chose to have the MRI without sedation. She sat so still. Even the MRI tech was impressed with how still she was. After the MRI it was so great that she could get up and walk away instead of being sleepy and acting drunk the rest of the day.

After lunch we met with Dr. Walker. He showed me the scan and told me that there was a significant amount of regrowth of the tumor. He suggested surgery on Friday, Jan. 2, 2009. I thought that is so fast. I was filled with a range of emotions. At this point I am not sure what to do. Erin is very upset and does not want to go through surgery again. Can you blame her.

Please remember us and especially Erin in your prayers.
All our love!
The Galbraiths