Friday, March 13, 2009 - Surgery Day

Well today has been a long day. Erin was nervous from the begining and did not want to be here. Shw tried so had to be brave.

We arrived at the hospital at 10 am. We checked in at Same Day Surgery where the took her vitals, got her into her hospital pajamas, etc. Around 11:00 Dr. Walker her surgeon came to talk to us. He had been studing her MRI scans and we talked of what he felt would happen during the surgery.

11:45 am the wheeled her into surgery. I stood there and cried as I saw her be taken away again. I realized there was absolutely nothing I could do at that point, except for pray. I suddenly felt so alone and realized how much I needed a hug.

I decided to get out of the hospital and go somewhere because sitting in a waiting room for 3 - 5 hours didn't appeal to me. I went and got some lunch and went to a book store. At 1:04pm the nurse from the Operating Room (OR) called with an update. Erin was sedated and stable and they were starting the surgery. They would call back in 1 1/2 hours with another update.

My sister Jill called around 2:30 and said she was in Salt Lake. Then at 3:30 my sister Shellee and her husband Sterling came. It was just what I needed. I was so glad for the company and some hugs.

And so it went until around 5pm when I saw Dr. Walker walking down the hall. He was walking slow with his head down. He look tired. He said they were done. Erin was in recovery and would be in Pediatric ICU (PICU) in a little bit and I could see her. Dr. Walker said that they got all they could see, but it was a bloody surgery. The tumor was angry and bled a lot. They went through 3 pints of blood and a lot of fluids. He told me that surgery alone is not enough. More action will be required. We will have a better idea after another MRI tomorrow morning.

5:30 pm, I got to see Erin. Wow! She looked like she had been in a fight. It was so alarming, I had to gather all my courage because she needed me. I spent the rest of the day helping her, holding her, hugging and kissing her. Just being there for her and loving her.

Ted, Kate and Steven came around 6pm and stayed until 9pm. That was great for Erin.

Well that is it for today. More tomorrow.
All my Love!!! Nancy

Thanks for the update on Erin's surgery

Hi Nancy and Family,

We so appreciate reading about the events of Erin's surgery and the update on her progress. We look forward to even further updates. Please give her a hug from us. Where can we send her a card? I have your home address, but should we send it to PCMC instead?

Much love and hugs to each of you. You continue to be in our prayers.

Love, The Adams Family