April 22, 2009 Update on Erin

Today is Wednesday. Erin has gone to school all week. She is so happy and loving it. Erin is behind in school because of all the days she has missed. I was so concerned as to what to do. Mr Bezzant told me that she finally qualified for a 504 aide to help her because of her disability. YEAH! She came home from school yesterday with a perfect score on her math test. I was so shocked. I am amazed at how fast she learns and gets back on track.

Yesterday she said her tummy hurt a little. That is to be expected since she had gone to school, played with friends, rode her scooter, helped with yard work and went swimming. She had a full day. I think her tummy will be a little sore from the surgery for a time. They had to go through tissue to put the shunt tube into the abdomen area.

Other than that Erin is doing so good. I am so HAPPY!! As for my other children, Kate and Ted...as you have noticed, Kate has added a few blogs. I think she worries about Erin. She asked me the other day if Erin died who would be her friend. So sweet. Ted is doing good. He has been a strength to me through this. He is actually very funny and at times when I think I will cry he is just himself, says something or does something and I end up laughing my head off. The other day he said something and I was laughing so hard I thought tears would start rolling down my face. I love my kids with all my heart. They keep me going.

Over the last few weeks I have come to realize how very tired I have been. I know stress will do that to a person, but I guess I didn't know just how exhausted I was. The fist week we were home from the hospital I just laid around. I was tired. Last week was spring break for the kids, so I tried to do fun things with them. We ended up doing plenty. I was driving down the road yesterday and I had a peace come over me. I was so happy to just be doing the daily routine things of life...like being a Mom and having the privilege of picking up my kids from school. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, I was with my kids and we were all happy and together. I was filled with a love, peace and gratitude that was deeper than I have felt before.

I know I am feeling better, because I have had the energy to exercise and clean my house. Dirt that I hadn't noticed before, suddenly became annoying and had to go. I cleaned my closet, organized Kate and Erin's bedroom, got rid of plenty of things that were just taking space, pulled some weeds in my rose beds and I even washed my windows. WOW! I am feeling so much better. I have felt a stress lifted from my shoulders by allowing each of you to help me, and I feel the Lord has, as Pres Monson said molded my back to fit the burden placed upon it. I has been revitalizing.

Our flight to Mexico is scheduled for May 3rd. The pilot called me to confirm the details. Please pray for good weather. These small planes only fly in good weather. We will come home on May 6th. A short trip. I am so grateful that the resources have been made available by the good Lord through all of you. You are His angels here on the earth. THANK YOU! I wish I could find an adequate way to express the gratitude of my heart. It is so full. I am blessed.

I love the Lord with all my heart. I know he has heard my prayers and answered them. Most answers were not anything close to what I expected. He knew better and answered them in His way. I know He loves me and is taking care of me and my little family. I feel it so strong and I am so grateful.

I will add photos of our trip and keep you posted.
All my love,