We've just been praying and praying for you, Erin, and family! Dr. Logan's personal number is (801)254-7512 (cured a terminal friend of the family, Wayne, in Ogden, several years ago) ( a doctor here in UT, Dr. Jerry Ross, 2 time president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, who was very close to death recently, used this to cure himself of several issues) using the Gerson Therapy (book: The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson)

Dr. Bill Leavitt (702)397-6300 or his medical director for UT (in Provo) Dr. Sherman Johnson (801)644-8896 .

And because nutrition never hurt, but has been shown to help ... Dehydrated, at a low temp so they're still "alive", fruits and vegies, several pounds worth, all put in a tiny, easy to take, pill.

Hospital Santa Monica (800)359-6549

Again, Erin and Family, we're praying for you all.
The Welchs