Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As you know Erin has been getting very thin. It is heart breaking to see. :( Steven and I discussed a feeding tube. The doctor said it would not be to beef her up or to gain weight. No one could have anticipated that she would still be here. Even the doctors are surprised. After talking with the doctors we decided to not do the feeding tube. For different reasons.

We moved on the 18th. I was STRESSED about how we would transport Erin. Even the slightest movement causes her to cry out in pain. I talked with hospice and we decided to transport her by ambulance. We had a new bed delivered in the morning. The ambulance came at 3pm. We gave Erin some anxiety medicine just before they came. We moved her to the ambulance bed then into the ambulance. I rode in the ambulance with her. It was a very smooth move for Erin. She did not even cry once. I sat down a had a little cry. For some reason this was a big stress to me. Erin has been happy to be back in our duplex. She called it home. To her it is because we have lived here the longest.

Erin has been getting a little worse each day. Monday she had a small seizure and she threw up 6 times. She has been grinding her teeth a lot each day lately. At 10:30 pm at night I was so upset and frustrated that I called the nurse and asked what could be done. I had changed her clothes and bed, cleaned her hair, wiped her up so many times. I just knelt by the side of her bed and cried.

The nurse contacted PCMC Oncology doctor. They suggested that I combine 2 of her medicines and give them more often. So we give them to her every 4-6 hours. The good thing is that she didn't grind her teeth or throw up for the rest of the night and most of Tuesday. The bad thing is she just lays there and sleeps. At least I know she is comfortable. Tuesday she threw up and again we had to increase one of her medicines. She looks peaceful as she sleeps but I HATE giving her so much medicine. But the alternative is pain, seizures and throwing up.

Thanks for everything!
Love, Nancy


Thank you for your love and comments. Your words have lifted my spirit and filled my soul! :)