Donations to the Erin Hope Fund

By reaching this website, we know you have already felt the amazing impact Erin has had on the lives of so many people. We are extremely grateful for the amount of love, prayers and support that has been and continues to be offered for Erin and our family. We believe Erin will “change the world” in some fashion and it is her time to live. We have never doubted since the beginning of this challenge that Erin will heal and live a long healthy life.

Erin's condition will require extensive care and medical attention. We are committed to providing Erin with the most complete and comprehensive care available, which will be absolutely critical to her recovery. Yet ultimately, faith and hope are key elements to Erin Hope Galbraith’s future possibilities.

Your donation will help support Erin's future and her ability to get the treatments she needs to beat this disease. All donations will be secured in an Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) account opened under her name.

The account number is 312738 and its name is the Erin Hope Galbraith Fund.
For more information, call 1-801-225-6080 or visit

You will find a complete listing of the Family First Credit Union branches here. The account was created at the North Orem branch.

North Orem Branch
PO Box 1750
Orem, UT 84059-1750
(801) 225-6080

Another way to donate is through the PayPal button below.

Again, Thank You for making Erin's treatment, healing and life possible.
The Galbraith Family