Easter Weekend - Hope is A Powerful Medicine

I received an email entitled "Hope is A Powerful Medicine" It gave me a lot to think about especially going into Easter Weekend. Many have watched over the last years the challenges my little family and I have faced. Some have said. "how do yo do it?" It is simple...I am strengthened by the power of the Lord. I am filled with HOPE.

I want to share my Easter gift with you. HOPE

Hope can be a fragile thing in the life of a child with cancer or other life-threatening illness. Actually, it is a fragile thing in all of us. It needs nurturing.

I have come to know more than ever that "Hope is a Powerful Medicine." As you know Erin's middle name is HOPE. I did not know when we named her how much her life would be about hope. First it was HOPE in a cure to stop the growth of her brain tumor. After 4 years the time came when I knew hers was a different path. Then it was HOPE in a fitting death, and now it is HOPE in the resurrection. Hope that I will see her and be able to hold her again. I have come to know that through the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ this will happen. I am filled with HOPE. Cancer can't take away hope in the resurrection. It didn't take away mine. I am grateful to celebrate my HOPE in the resurrection this Easter weekend. I will be thinking of my Savior, Jesus Christ and my sweet Erin walking together. YES! HOPE is a Powerful Medicine!

May you be filled with HOPE this Easter weekend is my wish for you!!
All my love,