Erin Hope's Story

On October 19, 2005 Erin Hope Galbraith was our normal, adorable, spunky little 4-year old angel who loved Disney princesses and hated broccoli. On October 20th, our world changed when a large brain tumor that took up approximately two-thirds of Erin’s left brain was discovered. After a grueling 13-hour surgery, the tumor was completely removed, leaving Erin with slight paralysis on her right side. During the following days, Erin’s recovery was sensational as her spunkiness and innate ability to make all around her laugh returned. All looked positive and our relief and gratitude to God was enormous that this challenge was almost over. Yet it was not to be as on October 28, 2005 the devastating news came that the tumor that was removed was malignant.

Due to the highly aggressive and malignant nature of the tumor, the doctors have given Erin only a short time to live. But we know that Heavenly Father is in control and there are many possibilities available for healing Erin’s body that require both medical expertise and faith.

Currently, through necessary treatments and rehabilitation Erin is walking well, and even running as she tries to keep up with her sister and brother. She has only a slight limp and has regained almost full use of her right hand. Cognitively she is as sharp as ever and her energy level is enviable. Erin is going to preschool and loves seeing her teachers, playing with friends and being active. Erin is a very special girl with a very determined, fighting spirit which we believe is responsible for her quick recovery and continual improvement.

Erin has had quite an impact on the lives of so many people. We are extremely grateful for the amount of love, prayers and support that have been and continue to be offered for Erin and our family. We believe Erin will “change the world” in some fashion and that it is her time to live. We have believed since the beginning of this challenge that Erin will heal and live a long healthy life.

Erin's condition will require extensive care and medical attention. We are committed to providing Erin with the most complete and comprehensive care available, which will be absolutely critical to her recovery. Yet ultimately, faith and hope are key elements to Erin Hope Galbraith’s future possibilities.