This site is dedicated to Erin Hope our Angel. It is a place where we can all come together and show her our love and support. It is a place where we can share our feelings, stories and read updates on Erin's condition. Please make comments and direct others to this site for information on Erin. Thank You very much for you friendship, love, support and prayers.

All our Love - The Galbraith Family

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Erin.
The tumor has grown and is bigger than it was back in December. =(
They will do surgery on Friday. I hope all goes well. She is nervous because she knows what is coming.
I am guessing she will be in the ICU the first day or so, then moved to the Neuro Trauma Unit (NTU on the second floor) Hoping all goes well we will get to come home in about 5 - 7 days after surgery.

I will update her web-site from the hospital so everyone will know what is happening.

Erin needs your help!

Hello to all my friends!

This blog is a cry for help. My dear little Erin as you know has had a regrowth of her brain tumor. Over the last 3 years we have done all we can to help her fight this disease. We are committed to continue that fight and win.

We need your help. Erin needs some things to help in her healing process which require money beyond what we currently have. Any donation you can make to help her heal and live a long healthy life would be received with much gratitude.

Update on Erin and her condition as of Jan 15, 2008

Here is an update.

Erin is doing great. She doesn't complain about headaches. She looks good and feels good. When I ask her how she feels she says good. She seems glad to be home and not at PCMC.

As for surgery. I am watching her closely and monitoring her condition. As things change I will post any information.

Thanks for all you love, prayers, faith and hope. It has been my strength through all of this.

All my love,

Erin had a MRI yesterday Dec 30, 2008

Erin had a MRI yesterday. She had been acting a little different, had been having headaches and a few other symptoms. I felt like I needed to take her to PCMC.

The news was not as good as I had hoped for. Her tumor is back. Dr. Walker was in surgery and they asked us to stick around until he was done so that we could talk to him. We waited about and hour. While waiting we went to the cafeteria to get some lunch. Erin was content to eat and just hang out with her grandma and me.

We Moved

I have had a lot of questions recently about Erin because her banner is not on the fence any more. It was a happy, sad day for us, when the banner came down. We moved...just around the corner. But because we moved the banner came down. The fence almost seems naked without the banner there.

I loved coming home and seeing that big happy smile of Erin on the banner. It reminded me every time I saw it how fast life can change. We never know what tomorrow will bring. It also reminded me what an amazing adventure we are in. Erin is a fighter and she is winning this battle.

Friday, May 2nd and Saturday, May 3rd

I really didn't get much sleep last night. They scheduled Erin to be checked every 2 hours. When they weren't getting her vital signs they were giving her medicine. Then of course she would have to go to the bathroom. Then a beep here and a buzz there. It was CRAZY!

Erin in ICU

Erin in ICU

Erin in ICU

Thursday, May 1, 2008...Day after surgery

Erin started the day with a follow up MRI. The MRI was going to last 45 minutes and they wanted to do it without sedation. I said NO!!!

Erin in the car on the way home

Erin in the car on the way home

Erin in the car on the way home, with PCMC in the rear view mirror. Yeah!! It is good to see Erin in her own clothes. She looks very happy to be going home. She was very tired. She went home, laid down and rested pretty much the rest of the day.

Our first day HOME!

Our first day HOME!

Here is what we did when we got home on Tuesday, May 6, 2008. I didn't have the energy to much else.